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Welcome to King Koin Launderette & Car n Dog Wash website develop stage

Welcome to King Koin Launderette & Car n Dog Wash website develop stage

Welcome to King Koin Launderette & Car n Dog Wash website develop stageWelcome to King Koin Launderette & Car n Dog Wash website develop stageWelcome to King Koin Launderette & Car n Dog Wash website develop stage

About Us: See History & Other Items Below

Our Specific History

          Privately locally owned and operated, the King Koin Laundry, Car n Dog Wash is a 3rd generation business.  The original building built in 1959 housed just the launderette portion. 

          In 1968 the self service car wash was built as two bays plus one open  bay without a roof for larger vehicles.  Mike Walsh the present owner assisted as a mortar helper in the laying of the concrete blocks during that summer of 1968.  In 1979 the truck bay became enclosed.  In 1980 the car wash expanded to include 3 more bays making the total 6 bays.  

          In 1964, 1981, & 1985 steps were taken to make more "behinds the scenes" square footage so that more & better needed repair, rebuild & yes even proven worthwhile fabrication could occur within this unique self service washing facility. 

        In November of 2009, after more than 3 years of development, we completed what we believe is the "World's Most User Friendly" 2 stall self service dog wash. 

        During September of 2017, we had "ThePressuresOn" painting contractor from Mandan redo most of our exterior with a very beautiful & inviting "Heaven Blue" color.  Dale Anderson & his crew were da men!

          During Summer & Fall of 2018, we are into the current gradual process of updating our washing machines after over 15 years of in depth thought & analysis.  Specifically the addition of Choice of Number of BATHS on all washing machines.  Making them better  with the proper needed generous water for customer per BATH than deceptively advertised newer washing machines.  FUTURE DOLLAR COIN CONVENIENCE will soon be on All Equipment!  Beware of falling prey to the 100% cashless advocates:  Too much power in the hands of too few like our founding father James Madison warned of.



Still Relevant Unedited Testimonials

Jason F.

Mike,   I enjoyed visiting with you last night while washing my comforter.  I must admit, your machines and extractors are amazing!  That is the best invention in rapid drying.  I went home and 15-mins in the dryer was all I needed, before it took forever to dry!  You are without a doubt the best run/managed laundry and car wash facility I have ever used....anywhere!  I didn't know you were actually "Mike" until I watched the video and reviewed your website.  Now it all makes sense!


I watched your You Tube Video and very impressive!  I really never gave the dollar coin much thought in the past, however your video really made sense!


I will do my best to share the word my friend! 


Thanks again,

 Jason F.


Sandy, Utah

 As complete as a washing station can be, with a wonderful friendly and helpful attendant. Dogs, cars, and clothes all in one stop. Reasonable prices. And the most awesome extra spin extractors ever! 

Barbara A.


 The laundry machines are well kept up. The washes are cheap: $2 a load and $7 for the big washing machine. And dry is 25 cents for 6 min ($1 for 24 min). If you use the dollar coin for the dryer you get 27 min.
And they have a centrifuge machine to spin your cloths more to get more water out. Great for towels.
The owners are very nice and helpful 

Kristi Millar

 I absolutely LOVE your dog wash!  We frequent the dog park a great deal.  With the rain brings the large pools of water and mud that Auggie loves to cool off in.  However, the smell and grim is not as enticing to me.  The dog wash is half the price as the other in town to start!  What a deal!  I prefer the oatmeal shampoo that is only offered at King!  The bathing bin that has the lower/higher pedals is fantastic! I dont care to lift a 66 pound dog into to a washing bin, to thats a huge perk! The extra savings we get on mid-week washes, big thank you for that as well! Plus the privacy the dog wash offers is great!  Another dog wash in town has it with a car wash vending machine in the dog wash, NOT ideal for when my dog exits and shakes all over some car wash customer at the vending machine. The off street parking is great because i know my vehicle isnt in the way as opposed to the other dog wash. I havent had the need to use the de-skunk shampoo, but its a great reassurance to know that its available! I have extended my praise of your dog wash while at the dog park.  I do know that one dog made an appearance there due to my review and raves.  A big thankful for your service to our member of our fur-family!


From TR

I like this place because I can wash my car under $3. If you need change go inside and use the change machine.  Usually kept clean and friendly staff.  I also use the car vacuum if I need a high 

power vacuum.  There isnt huge lines like the automatic car washes around town. I can get in and out pretty quick! Support local businesses!

From Kevin Davison

Nice place to wash your car alone with out having to go thru a carwash.

From Patti Pelton

 Nice to get all of my laundry done at once and not multiple trips to laundry facility in my apt building 

From William Hill

 Clean and well managed. My go-to car wash. The soap comes out sudsy and plentiful. ATM 

dispenses $5 minimums.

Helen Nadon

 Nice one to use. Nice people good service.  

Melody Kuntz

  Great place 

Tim Bower

 Love this place from when I was a kid 

 Travis Zabka

Good wash

Oh Jeez 

This is the only laundry mat i go to.... the owners very nice and doesnt mind when my kids cant sit still any more... the compactor things they have cut drying time in more than half... And they arent over the top on prices. 

Angel Moen

 I really like this place friendly people. I'm a truck driver I was able to get my loundry done and bath my dogs and it only took about an hr.the washer a little on the small side and cost 2.00 but my clothes were really clean and I payed more at truck stops that did clean at all. Dryer are only .25 to start but you can pay .75 for this thing that spines the close all most dry I think I payed 1.57 total to dry. Over all great place I will be back again. 

steven moen

 Cheap place to wash. I really like that the owner came to us and showed us everything. From the washer and dryer to the machine that spin out all the water to how to work the dog wash. Dog wash is only 5 dollars to start but I used 10 for larg dogs great water prasher and soap came out as you washed.  

Ellie Swett

 The pricing is good for me. I can pay $1.25 n my clothes get dry. Compared to another laundry mat where its $2 to start the machine plus how many more quarters u have to add to get a decent amount of drying time. And here at King Koin i can clean n vacuum my car out while i wait for my laundry.  

Charlie J

 Got to wash my motorhome. That made me happy to get off all the bugs from a long drive.  

Allison Blank 

I enjoy the staff and how friendly they are 

Caleb Uran

 A very functional laundromat. 

Corey Zeller

 Good self car wash 

Ethan Akerly

 It's a cheap place to get your car washed. You can also wash your dog or your clothes. Nothing fancy. 

Cody Metzner

 Good car wash 

Amanda G

 The laundromat itself is okay older model washers and dryers but they work good. The owner or manager was very pleasant. 

Trudy D

Reasonably priced, machines work, clean. Nothing fancy but efficient. Older machines that work well.  There is a car wash here, too, but it was raining and I didn't use i

Runaway B.

Bismarck, North Dakota - wash your clothes, your car, or your dog here! #RunAwayBill

Petra's Picks

Friendly environment. "Owner and manager were both" present.


Some of Mike's bio start stage is further below.

King Koin of Bismarck, North Dakota Mission Statement:

King Koin of Bismarck, North Dakota Specific Policies:

King Koin of Bismarck, North Dakota Public Awards, Legislative Efforts, & Greater Public Interest Memberships


Hopefully, the above will be coming soon as time & effort allows.


Owner, Manager & Part Time Workers


Mark Webster General Manager

         The man to the left is the person "if needed" & who you will tend to see the most & who tends to be the one who answers  either of the two (2 way door bell intercoms), 9833 number, & is all around both busy & standby.  Also, his is  the 2nd phone to call that is on standby if no one answers either of the two "2 way intercom press buttons".  See 2nd  phone # on the posted list on "If after press no one answers" located next to door bell &/or above landline payphone.  Cell down? use the two more reliable for 911 emergency locating than cells are located in the NE corner of the laundromat.  We will reimburse the quarter or two you may need to put in the specific coin acceptor on either phone

         Mark is shown to the left in a July, 2018 partnering with our Bismarck native Cara Mund Miss America at one of many worthwhile  charitable causes near & dear to his heart.  This specific time it was the Children's Miracle Network.

       Background?   Mark is originally from rural Pennsylvania & proudly served in the USAF & met in North Dakota his wife ND native Peggy.  Besides being a veteran, he also has served as a volunteer rural fireman.  He was a Military Law Enforcement Air Force Guard at the nuclear missile sites at one time.  Mark was one of the top traveling "Service Persons" for Safety-KleenCorp. for about 5 years.

  He was voted by his peers as "Elk of the Year" for his heart tugging charitable work.  If you accidentally discover you left a load of laundry within a month or so, Mark & Peggy are the ones who increase your odds of getting the load(s) back.  Note: Mark & Peggy also  have experience managing a smaller motel in Montana & a very large apartment complex here in Bismarck.

Mark also  has proven himself over & over again to be a great "believer & doer in helping to keep  families together".

Workers Continued


Frank Morgel Long Term Part Time Co-Worker at King Koin

Frank grew up near the Canadian Border ... one of the older within a large family.  He likes to share his spare time with his biking buddies going to places like the USA-Canada Peace Garden & farm & horse shows etc.

He has a wide range of experience including being a "foreman" on a large offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  Other items in his background is helping on farms, working for Bobcat Manufacturing along with countless other previous work experiences.

Like Mark & Mike ... he tries to be as reasonable as possible & is very family oriented.

His dad was an active Catholic Deacon for many years which has helped shape Frank's life values to a great extent.

Mike Walsh Long Term & Current Owner-CoOrdinator

Add'l Truthful Mike's Bio Coming Soon


  Please adhere to the "Works of Mercy Code"  

Our re-designed & re-manufactured two 905 g force 35# extractors & our 1092g force 60# extractor.

Our re-designed & re-manufactured two 905 g force 35# extractors & our  1092g force 60# extractor.

MIKE WALSH BIO RELATED Click on above image:  Mike on a less than 2 minute Video by the unique proven highest new worthwhile technology possible "Clothes Saving Ultra Spin yet Gentle extra safe to use  money saving Extractors" & also by the very much valued "Suggestion Box".

3 Dimensional Volunteer Work


 MIKE WALSH BIO RELATED IMAGE LINK... interactive virtual drawings.  For more explanation see below.  On St. Patrick's Day, 2007 Mike presented three dimensional because he thought that since Architectural Firm Owner Jeff Welch did not have anyone doing a true 3D that allowed a preview of a local church expansion.  This was done during a fundraising breakfast (specifically for the project) put on by the Knights of Columbus.  Myron Senechal was kind enought to snap this pic of yours truly with two of many potential donors  & visitors seeing the expansion before it was actually built.  Why Why Why 3D vs just 2D  ... some of us with eagle eyes are more likely to see potential future shortcomings than just 2D flat base of floors &/or a zillion elevations.  If free 3D viewer does not show... no worry I should be able to extend with a replacement link as needed.

Click on Image above to go to a sampling of what was presented:  For best 3D: Choose "Starting View"  The viewer has evolved so there is no plugin  needed just your INTERNET BROWSER! & an attitude of adventure.  Caveat:  mr bad guy ... the extensive security technology is not reveled regardless of the  nifty "layers" manipulation ... if you choose or if you do a virtual walk thru.

Mike's more current 3D CADD focus is Building Information Modeling which can be extra helpful for long term maintenance done by "the chosen"

Indoor Climate Efficiency Responsibe Energy Use


Here is where I did a general survey of the results of our water flowing thru coolers as a "better fit for our customers" type of alleviating" what could be dangerous summer air temperatures.

Add'l Truthful Mike's Bio Coming Soon

Nebraska native & University of Mary Student John Salling called & stopped by in order to put togeth

 Nebraska native & University of Mary Student John Salling called & stopped by in order to put together a KFYR TV accurate interview with King Koin owner Mike Walsh about "General Considerations for a Car Wash Facility during the Wintertime".

Add'l Truthful Mike's Bio Coming Soon


   Please adhere to the "Works of Mercy Code"   

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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