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USA Deficit Reduction

As requested by many people ... The following link is to our 100% FREE video that we made to help with the USA's serious deficit - debt crisis.   Mike Walsh does not purport to have all the answers.  On the video's subject matter ...  Mike  is extra familiar & basically is just sharing actual experiences.  Mike is concerned because the below Deficit Maker Person's distortions & deceptions is not just limited to the lack of proper update of our coin & currency but also is at the root of trillions of dollars of other misguided spending.  Remember ACTIONS speak much louder than words when it comes to looking at the reality of what needs to be corrected.  Somehow we need to pay attention enough to stop following that person or group of people as portrayed by the "Deficit Maker Man" .   We need to seek out the better alternative "free market with properly guided rule of law"  for the sake of future generations & long term proper economic growth.  Growth that does not have an unhealthy too much dependency on government or quasi government organizations.