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Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi

As Many of You Know, St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Animals & the Environment.  Our goal is reflect that "Spirit" as much as possible with all four branches of our business.

Building the King Koin Dog Wash was motivated by Francis's spirit of respecting God's animal creation by setting up the best possible facility specifically as a place for people to come to wash their dogs as affordably, efficiently & gentle as possible.  St. Francis's method with the "problem wolf" of his time shows he was gifted even beyond the "dog whisperer"!  It is a real joy to see dogs of all breeds, sizes, expertise & various training levels be lifted & washed in our "Doggie Elevator" tubs.  It is added joy knowing that the people using our facility can have their dog positioned perfectly within seconds & as they wash their dog.  All that & in such a way that back stress & time needed for the wash & drying process is kept to a minimum.  There is a world of difference between bending over straining with your dog in the shower or tub & using our ergonomically positioning tubs as needed.  The more face to face with your dog make for greater bonding & interaction for those more familiar with optimal training practices.  Handicapped or older dogs can use the pull out step so they need not step higher than 8 inches to get in & out of either of the 2 tubs.   

Studying & listening to the prayer - song that is in St. Francis of Assisi's own words "The Canticle of the Sun" reveals a great model to get us to respect & conserve the gifts of nature that God has given us.   A gentle but firm soul, Francis was solitary but not too solitary.  Keep in mind, he partnered with other Brothers & Sisters as evident with the younger very beautiful St. Clare who for good reason was declared the Patron Saint of Television & Mass Media.  A gentle but firm soul, Francis did not compromise his "Christian Values" & was willing to be martyred if need be .... before allowing the other "less true faiths" during his time .... force their "less true values" on himself & others.  Reminds us of some of the modern day heroics that were associated with the many events occurring with our own 9/11 crisis!  What a model to follow for the "Here & Now"!

St. Francis of Assisi was involved in a "not totally popular church renovation" ...... How many of us have struggled with those types of issues in our lifetime.....

A good portion of the heating of our new King Koin Dog Wash comes from harvesting the otherwise wasted heat that comes from our laundry dryers' sealed exhaust as the exhaust exits ---- see the 2 dog ears on our natural light polycarbonate building.   Our floor heat which we have found to be more efficient & comfortable on both our tootsies & the dog's paws during our winter time use.   During the hotter days of the summer, we are cooling the laundry & dog wash with fresh air blown over continually replenished low temp city water that also helps to preheat the wash water needed.  We do not throw away perfectly good equipment unless there is truly enough saved in energy consumption to justify doing so.  Hopefully, these are steps in the direction of the "Spirit of St. Francis"  Repairing, rebuilding, & recycling should be thought more of a healthy worthwhile discipline on our journey than something that detracts from our whims.

The "A Cappella" Song by brother Ambrosus Mary within the St. Francis Sidebar Page Link should reflect & give a sense of the "Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi"  The words were originally from Francis himself  & really are "timeless & eternal" & upbeat about appreciating the outdoors.  A significant note is that when Francis spontaneously wrote the "Canticle of the Sun" it was when he was given the "gift of sight" despite struggling physically with his eyesight as many of us can share & relate!   Angelina's rendition with video background of St. Francis's hometown of Assisi walking in his exact footsteps reflects a journey mindset.  On the "Me Too!" page is a more meditative version of the "Prayer of St. Francis" by Mike Walsh.... the present owner of the King Koin Laundry, Car n Dog Wash.

In my view, the message & the motivation behind the songs sung are the most important & the persons who happen to be involved this time around is secondary. 
The "Me Too" page will hopefully grow "in a good way" with specific pictures & videos of involvement in "Spirit of St. Francis" & other "Christlike" activities both by people & dogs.  A Newfoundlander dog saving a drowning person in icy waters.  A St. Bernard saving someone from freezing in the outdoors.  A trained service dog using his talents to assist & bring companionship to a now "enabled person".   A trained dog leapfrogging over medical diagnosing techniques to catch cancer early enough.  The list goes on & on.  Unless I get really quality input .... you do know that I will be limited by my own experience & the pictures & videos that I have to work with.  That is why while I am thinking out loud I just decided to add an  "Including Others" as another potential page.