King Koin Laundry, Car n Dog Wash

The intent of this particular web page is to give visitors a general idea about what we are trying to accomplish with this website.  This is somewhat new to us so bear with us as we are learning.   When you contact us .... with your permission we will try share your views that are of value also.
I am writing this as of October 6th, 2010 just before actually putting it online.  The website mainly is for our Bismarck - Mandan & the surrounding area customers that we serve.  We have a fourth branch within our facility that could develop.  It involves putting together &/or assisting others with upgrade kits proven at our facility.   The upgrade kits are planned to make not brand new commercial coin op laundry equipment more user friendly & more environmentally friendly.  Some of these we have been already testing & some have actually been implemented.

One question you may have is:  Why are we so prominently displaying the shortcut on every page to our new dog wash?  Not because we feel that it is more important but simply because so many dog owners are not aware of the new dog wash.  We want to make sure that they can check out our new do it yourself dog wash facility as quickly as possible.   Kind of a fast track if you will for something extra worthwhile for dog owners.

The "Spirit of St. Francis" page & subpages will hopefully be consistent with the greater theme of our facility & will include others' facilities as well.