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Prayer of St. Francis

Prayer of St. Francis
Dedicated To Mrs Frances Tracy. (c) 1967, OCP, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland, OR 97213.  All rights
reserved.  Used with permission.  OCP Publications

Below song sung by yours truly (me too), Mike Walsh - owner of King Koin!


Below is a picture taken of Mike Walsh presenting & sharing the joy of previewing a St. Anne Church  renovation project before it was actually physically completed.  Yes.... this showing was verified & permission was given by the lead local architect Jeff Welch.  It was shown on St. Patrick's day weekend 2007 in the basement of St. Mary's Central High School.

Scrolling down below that is or will show video footage (5 min 36 sec) & (11 min) of Mike's involvement with a both local & international Bismarck based charity .... our proven God's Child Project Organization.   Another local group investing their resources, time & talent mutually on behalf of the rest of us within third world conditions is IXCAN Ministries.  Not all Americans agree that it is a good idea to do Peace Corp type of activity even if they are in a position to do so.  We all know that one of the more intense discussions we Americans have is related to unbridled & illegal immigration.  By going to &/or supporting missionaries in these less developed areas .... helping them both practically & spiritually .... there is less chance of illegal immigration getting out of hand.  It is wonderful to see how genuinely appreciative & grateful everyone can be!  At that point it becomes what we all long for deep down inside ... mutual fulfillment with the right kind of conversion of hearts!

Besides the local Guatamalan participants in the 2 videos above & below were a variety of international volunteers.  Bismarck locals shown in the dedication of the Jerome, Helen, & Michael Walsh Building included God's Child Founder Patrick Atkinson, Sonia Ciavarella, ER Doc Kevin Mickelson (Cal Ripken shirt), New York native Evan Beauchamp & others.   Another very key person involved was one of the post Guatemalan Civil War leaders who emerged  with his deeply held values in tact ---- a local Guatemalan Congressman who was shown embracing Mike Walsh as a gesture of appreciation & gratitude for support for the future challenges that were & are still to come for this third world country that is part of our own North American Continent.