King Koin Laundry, Car n Dog Wash

We will try to update this often ------ hopefully daily if needed.

A start from Mike Walsh is:  I wonder how mobile friendly & other browser friendly this website is for you .... our valued visitors.  I need input on how it is functioning on other people's computers & cell phones besides just my own.  Remember your privacy will be respected.

Comments from actual customers:  Below is very recent & still very applicable.

I enjoyed visiting with you last night while washing my comforter.  I must admit, your machines and extractors are amazing!  That is the best invention in rapid drying.  I went home and 15-mins in the dryer was all I needed, before it took forever to dry!  You are without a doubt the best run/managed laundry and car wash facility I have ever used....anywhere!  I didn't know you were actually "Mike" until I watched the video and reviewed your website.  Now it all makes sense!
I watched your You Tube Video and very impressive!  I really never gave the dollar coin much thought in the past, however your video really made sense!
I will do my best to share the word my friend! 
Thanks again,
Jason F.